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Consultant for Organizational Change
Specializing in Issues of Diversity and White Privilege

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Welcome to Kendall and Associates

Photo of Frances E. Kendall, PhD.

I am so pleased you found us. Perhaps you're here because you've heard me speak, participated in one of my workshops, or read one of my books. I hope you've found value in what we're trying to do and are interested in deepening your own learning and understanding about organizational change in areas of diversity, social justice, and white privilege. Perhaps you were referred to us and you're curious about what we do. No matter how you got here, you are most welcome.

Our focus is on working with organizations, institutions, and communities to create more inclusive, supportive environments in which people can bring their fullest selves into their work; and their talents, gifts, and skills are recognized, developed and encouraged to grow to their fullest potential. While this work can be very challenging, it's so important in helping us to create a more just and peaceful world.

I hope you check back on our site frequently to keep up to date on the work we're doing. We'll be adding book excerpts, film clips, and other resources to help you enhance your awareness and deepen your understanding of issues of diversity, social justice and white privilege.

Feel free to send me an  Email. or fill out the Interest Form if you have questions or are interested in bringing the important conversations about diversity and white privilege to your organization.

Thanks for visiting!

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