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I have always loved springtime. The reawakening of life here in the Bay area-the sweet, happy cacophony of the various birds singing, the trees blossoming under the warming sun, flowers bursting from the ground all mark for me this wonderful transition from the hibernation and contemplative quiet of winter to the awakening of new life and new possibilities in spring.

This time of year finds me heading into one of my busiest seasons-preparing for the White Privilege Conference in April and NCORE (the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education) , along with work with other clients across the country.

This year at the White Privilege Conference I am doing three sessions. First, a pre-conference institute on white privilege and the institutionalized supremacy of whiteness.   Second, my colleague and friend, Lisa Albrecht, and I are facilitating a session specifically designed for white women who have facilitated workshops on racism and white privilege titled, "Who's the Best Anti-Racist?"   Finally, I am doing a relatively short session titled, "Let's Talk about Race."

I have presented at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) since its inception in 1988.  In many ways I use it as my watershed conference because I always design sessions that are fresh and move me to think differently.   People who have attended my workshops over the years have been part of my growing and stretching and getting to my cutting edge.   I'm really appreciative to be a part of it.

My day-and-a-half preconference institute is titled "If We Can't Talk [about race], We Can't Act and If We Can't Act, We Can't Change." I will be doing a workshop with Paul Kivel on Christian hegemony and the myriad ways those of us who are Christian are deemed more valuable and worthy than those who are not. My last session at NCORE addresses another serious institutional barrier: "When You Build It and They Don't Come: Getting Senior Leaders to Show Up and Engage in 'The Work'."

I am also continuing to write the revised version of Understanding White Privilege, which is due out at the end of 2011.

Even though it's a hectic time, it's a lot like spring-alive, noisy, and chaotic. While there's a lot going on, I still want to hear from folks around the country.  So contact me and let's talk about working together.  Until then. . .

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